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Discipleship is a life time development, where the process of growing is continuous and multi-faceted. SCF is launching a new course which aims to:

  • nurture followers of Christ who will be committed into Jesus’ Great Commission by introducing and providing solid teaching on the concept of being Christ’s disciple after one is baptized.
  • encourage Christians (especially those attending SCF) to submit to Christ-like living.
  • establish a uniform, progressive, and continuous Bible-based training platform to build up mature Christians and future leaders for SCF and its ministries.
  • lay a solid foundation for one to grow spiritually and continuously where growth is the main focus.

Although there are multiple classes for different “stages of growth”, all participants are asked to commit to just one class at a time.


1. Fundamental Class: MasterLife

A set of 4 books, each book is a 6 weeks series. Total of 24 weeks.  Students can take the first book without the obligation of continuing.

2. In-Depth Class Material: Experiencing God

Focus is on how to understand God’s will and living in it. A total of 13 sessions (12 weeks studies + 1 celebration). Completion of the MasterLife tracks is preferred. Experiencing God topics:

Participants will sign up for the class by specifying possible time slots for weekly gatherings; a class will start as soon as a minimum of 6 ~8 people sign up, so the starting day and the meeting place will be determined once we have a minimum number of students reach a common date/time.

  • Students need to purchase the eBook of the class material online. (MasterLife by Avery T. Willis, Jr. US$9.95/book, Experiencing God by Richard Blackaby, Tom Blackaby, Claude V. King US$15.95)
  • Students are expected to complete the 5-daily assignments on the first week before the first gathering.