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Empower Week at SCF
October 29th – November 4th

Empower week with Ty and Rebecca Buckingham

Ty and Rebecca are passionate about people having a simple understanding of and relationship with the Holy Spirit.

While emphasizing the biblical experience of Holy Spirit baptism there is also a place for healing and salvation. There are few things that make Jesus more known to a person than when they are touched by Him. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is the empowerment to do things so that more people will know Jesus.

It is good and right that we make time to move closer in to God, to “press in
for more in the midst of our already busy lives. It is the spirit of God who lives in us and empowers us.

October 29th – Encounter the Holy Spirit
2&4 PM, Hengshan Sanctuary. 6 PM, Courtyard Chapel

October 30th – Holy Spirit Workshop
7:30 PM, Courtyard Chapel.

November 2nd – Engaging the Spirit
7:00 PM, Hengshan 2nd Floor.

November 4th – Being an Empowered Woman
10-12, Courtyard Chapel.

Fall in Love with Shangahai!

You may have heard before – as expats in Shanghai there are different phases people go through in relationship with the city. This Fall, we will be organizing a few events that will help our community fall in love with the city (for some: again!) – to appreciate the history, the streets, the cuisine – but mainly to realize this: we were called to be here for this season. Don’t take for granted what He has given you! We hope that, as the body of Christ, this will help us to hope and pray for His will to be done here in this city!

Some of the events to look for: A historical walking tour and a “prayer and worship” night.

You will hear about the events through the Sunday bulletin, e-newsletter and website.

“Enrich” Marriage Workshop
October 28th

Time: 9:00-2:00 PM Location: Courtyard Chapel

Enrich your marriage with this one day workshop. Facilitated by Pastor Zach Brinegar, this workshop will be a series of exercises and activities done with your spouse, in response to a marriage assessment taken before the event. “Prepare and Enrich” has been a global standard of marriage assessment, feedback and training for more than 35 years, and we would love to give you and your spouse this tool to help your marriage become the best it can be.

Sign up by October 24th to take the online assessment!
Email: for sign up instructions.

Global Leadership Summit 2017
November 10th and 11th

This top-notch leadership event will feature Bill Hybels, Cheryl Sandberg (COO, Facebook), Gary Haugen (Founder, The Justice Mission), Laszlo Bock (Sr. Advisor, Google), Sam Adeyemi (Pastor, Daystar Missions Center in Nigeria), Macus Lemonis (CNBC show, The Partner), and Andy Stanley (Pastor, Northpoint Church, USA) to name a few. Via videocast, GLS promises to bring you great leadership and management insights that will inspire you to go “from here to there”.
Find out more at:
The Global Leadership Summit 2017 – November 10 – 11, 2017
Thursday-Friday, August 10-11, 2017 – Fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content from a world-class faculty at a convenient location near you.

There will be TWO locations for GLS this year due to venue capacity restrictions.

To register for the CONCORDIA INT’L SCHOOL site, email: (Individual registration only, for foreign passport holders who attend SCF).

To register for the Puxi Yangpu location, click right here